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      iiNet ADSL

      essential amazing it is so important to my everyday life


      I have had a few problems over the 12 years with iinett all but one problem was fixed with one phone call. when a lightening strike took out the phone line and modem. I was reimbursed for the time i was without service




      All round service from Retravision staff member Chelsea


      I have had the pleasure of dealing with this young lady on a number of occasions regarding fridges hairdryers and other household items and nick-knacks. Her knowledge over all these fields just amazed me and I have had many experiences of retail shopping. I would recommend Chelsea to anyone who is looking for anything electrical or any item which is under the RetraVision banner. She will have the latest model suitable for your needs and the best price. Have a chat with her and you will be more than satisfied with your purchase.


      FraserPerth, WA

      Malindo Air

      Refund delays


      I was notified on Mar 11 that our September flights to Bali had been cancelled by the airline. They note that we have to go online to request a refund, which would be processed within 30 days. I contacted them numerous times by email and twice by phone with the latest call on the 34th day and was told that it would take another 2 weeks. They can't explain the delay or why they're holding onto funds for flights that THEY cancelled. Absolutely horrible service. Scam artists who should be investigated for fraudulent behaviour.




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